The accessibility of web-based virtual reality is unparalleled in that almost any web-connected device can join the VR experience. However, a much larger can still be accessed on secondary streaming platforms, like YouTube and Twitch. Non-Player Character offers a “cinema track” of the full experience for its in-person performances to be projected on the big screen that can be instead shared on livestream.

We’ve found Restream is a good tool to allow everyone to leave their webcams open while logging into and playing the VR experience on headset for those fun, IRL reaction shots. Restream also lets everyone easily connect their own social accounts for livestreaming without giving out access to streamkeys or login credentials.

When attending a show, we recommend content-creators and/or VR streamers take the following steps:

  1. Use OBS or similar software to share your own web camera as a “virtual camera.” This allows you to record your full screen video (and best audio) on your end to intercut with gameplay - to have something else to cut with when you clip out moments.
  2. Join our Restream link and select Virtual Camera as your Video Input.
  3. At the top of Restream you can Add Accounts to securely type in your streamkey and credentials without us receiving any of this information. When we go live, the content will simultaneously stream to the channels all participants add.
  4. The livestream will have a QR code overlay that allows viewers to access a web application on their mobile devices for voting and spawning objects in the virtual world.
  5. The chat will also be aggregated on Restream’s backstage portal so you can respond to fans.
  6. Remember to start recording on OBS at the beginning of the show.
  7. Resetream records a backup of the livestream if you would like to request the RAW video, otherwise you can download from your own channel.

We know you take your channel(s) seriously and thank you for streaming your live experience of our performance to your community. As the copyright holder of all music, characters, script, and audio-visual elements of Non-Player Character, filed under Case #1-10885416791 with the United States Copyright Office, there will be no copyright claims for the intended term and use of Non-Player Character, live, on-stream. Please contact us for an official letter to outline the terms and attribution required for live-streaming Non-Player Character.