What Is Non-Player Character?

“A BLEND OF THEATRE AND VIDEO GAMES” - Young-Howze Theatre Journal

Non-Player Character is a musical theater play performed live using gaming mechanics and animations in virtual reality. The show has been performed virtually and in cinemas for audiences around the world.

What Equipment Do I Need?

Non-Player Character utilizes web-based virtual reality, also known as “social VR” or “WebXR” built upon the open-source client, [Mozilla Hubs].(https://hubs.mozilla.com/docs/welcome.html) This allows (almost) any web-connected device to enter a 3D virtual environment as a multi-player experience with other attendees represented as 3D avatars. This means you do not require any special equipment or download to join NPC.

Type your unique ticket url into your device’s web-browser and click “Join Room.” This url is case sensitive and you may find it easier to “push” the link to your device by logging into Oculus or Firefox browsers beforehand and bookmarking the url. VR Users have had success with Oculus Browser, Firefox Reality, Wolvic, PS4 Browser, and Pico Browser.

If joining via computer or PCVR, we recommend Google Chrome, Safari and others.

Venued performances have taken place in cinemas with select audience wearing VR headsets and directly interacting with the live performer in front of the movie screen. The virtual world is then projected onto the giant screen for seated spectators to watch both the performer and the projected image.


Virtual Workshops and Pop-Up Performances are announced via our Mailing List. These events are regularly free or suggested donation, currently averaging $15 across all attendees and $25+ for active participants.

Before your showtime, you should receive an email with a unique url to access the live experience. You may type this url into your web connected device to access your performance between 30 and 5 minutes before showtime.

Box Office

We utilize the instant messaging platform, Discord, to guide and troubleshoot audiences through the onboarding process for our virtual shows. Venued performances primarily rely on the ticketing and house management of the physical theater.

Basic Controls & Troubleshooting

Settings & Preferences

In the top left corner, you will see three-vertical dots () that reveal a drop down where you can access Preferences such as Audio Settings and Misc (resolution, material quality, nametags). You will also see a drop down arrow, and microphone icon that allow you to quickly change and mute your microphone.

Desktop Mode Controls

Image for common AWAD and Arrow Keys

VR Controllers

Please find a list of controls for different VR devices on Mozilla’s blog.

Mobile Controls

On mobile devices, two circles will appear on the bottom of your screen to simulate joysticks. The left joystick tilts your point-of-view or “head” to “look around.” The right joystick “walks” your avatars through the space.

User Interface

We have added two overlays for Information and Troubleshooting. The (i) button will give you information about the performance, colloquially referred to as the programme or plabill.

For virtual attendees using a VR Headset, please find the current List of Controller Inputs


Non-Player Character is primarily performed through outside festivals and institutions around the world and we are not responbile for their existing policies and/or code of conduct. Our virtual workshops are invite-only and specifically intended to stress-test new, experimental features of the show and therefore refunds cannot be issued. If you feel strongly about a refund, please contact us at info (at) jigsawensemble (dot) com and we will make our best effort to resolve your concern as soon as possible.