Participant Guidelines

Non-Player Character is a fictional experience that aims to address very real emotions, specifically grief and trauma. The experience also frequently hosts anonmous attendees in an online shared space. Therefore we provide these upfront warnings and guidelines for participants.

  • WARNING: The performance may include flashing or strobing light projections which may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.
  • WARNING: The virtual footage can cause some viewers to feel nauseous or dizzy. In the event of discomfort, we recommend briefly closing or averting your eyes. You may also choose to sit toward the back of the theater to be less immersed.
  • CONTENT WARNING: Tonight’s performance contains adult language and themes of bereavement and depression. Viewer discretion is advised.

Code of Conduct


Like any online community, we reserve the right to block or kick any user at any time, without warning, for behavior we interpret to be harassment, bullying, hate-speech, spam, predatory, divisive or disruptive. This applies to all virtual interactions, both within the Non-Player Character show experience and on any chat-based communications used by the crew and attendees.

In Person

In person performances will follow any and all existing guidelines of the Venue hosting the performance.

While we recognize the show is intended to promote engagement and interaction between audience members, we expect all attendees to practice good judgement and common courtesy expected at traditional theatrical events.

There is absolutely no scripted reason or invitation for Guests to physically touch another Guest or the Performer during the performance.

Attendees should adhere to their pre-selected ticket tier, specifically, unless for health or safety emergencies, no Spectator guests should enter the stage area during the performance nor should any Participant guests leave the stage area during the performance.

Staff reserves the right to remove any guest at any time, without warning, for behavior we interpret to be harassment, bullying, hate-speech, aggression, predatory, divisive or disruptive.


Pre-show annoucements and signage should indicate emergecy protocol and exits. For virtual performances, the experience can be exited at any time by closing the user’s web-browser tab for the show. If you experience technical difficuluty during the experience, the first and easiest step is to Refresh your web browwser.

For Participants wearing vr headsets, there are some users who experience dizziness or nausia in virtual reality. This is often due to the sensation that you are moving when your physical body is not. The first and easiset step is to kneel, close your eyes, and take some deep breaths to see if the sensation stops. If it does not, your lowered position will alert staff to assist you with removal of the headset, which can be placed directly on the floor.

Thank you for ensuring everyone has the best possible experience at Non-Player Character.