Licensing & Touring

The application of XR technology, especially web-based virtual reality, allows Non-Player Character to be performed and experienced in a variety of venues and formats, outlined in our Technical Deck, including proscenium and blackbox/studio theaters, cinemas, convention centers, and an IMAX Omnimax, livestreamed to a partner’s video platform, and entirely virtual/remote.

First and foremost, NPC is a work of musical theater performed with a live audience who may watch and interact with a live, singing actor in virtual reality and live musician performing multiple instruments and mixing digital tracks. We are open to working with your specific event and venue needs, with a mission to introduce as many new audiences as possible to this exciting story and technology.

How to Tour/Host the Show

As the experience is accessible via web browser, our team is able to travel with much of the equipment needed to power the show. We need only to open a link on the computer already connected to the venue’s projector and plug our audio stero input into the venue’s sound system.

We request our venue partners to provide:

  • the on-site projector,
  • sound system,
  • robust WIFI,
  • 4+ VR Headsets & sanitation methods
  • MIDI Keyboard
  • Electric Guitar
  • Computer Monitor

Audiences have delighted in a hybrid, in-person experience where Four (4) audience ‘Participants’ wear VR Headsets and share the “stage area” with the live Performer while the remaining ‘Spectators’ watch the virtual world and characters projected on a large screen or wall.

A helpful reference for venues is the popular cult classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, where live Participants act out scenes in front of the projected movie while Spectators are invited to respond, singalong, and playfully interject with the show.

The show is most successful when our team has an opportunity for at least one tech rehearsal in the space prior to the performance(s) and we prefer to include at least three (3) team members in each performance to provide a dedicated focus on Live Performance, Virtual Stage Management, and Audio Playback. Additional team members or on-site staff may offer support for lighting, livestreaming, equipment and audience management. We recommed our venue partners provide some on-site staff/representatives as docents or house management in the event of any safety or guest services concerns.

Note: Due to our team’s advocacy for the technology’s compelling effect in-person and on-site, requests for virtual/remote performances should not be interpretted as a discounted or budget version.


The virtual experience can be broadcast to practically any livestreaming platform by screen sharing the POV of a user. We have also designed a “cinema track” that can automatically move the user’s POV throughout the show to “the best seat in the house” for each moment in the live show, like a ride at a theme park. This offers audiences all over the world the ability to watch the performance without attending a physical venue or operating any controllers. We refer to this as our ‘virtual balcony ticket’ and can also make this feature available to Influencers who wish to livestream their gameplay for their online audience.

Please note, we have personally found it extremely helpful to also film/stream the live-action video of the Participants reactions to intercut with the virtual livestream to remind remote viewers that the show is actually happening live.

  • We can provide/suggest equipment and methods for your livestreaming needs of Non-Player Character.
  • An additional license may be required for any persistent video-on-demand archive of the full livestream as a pre-recorded version. Please discuss with our team ahead of time.

Music Covers & Remixes

We welcome new artist renditions and recordings of the music from Non-Player Character, however the music is copyright protected and registered for detection across social platforms. To avoid copyright strikes on your channel(s) please contact us in writing prior to release so we can approve your usage (and likely help you promote it to our community).

License the Show

Licensing fees and rental materials are quoted upon application.

Non-Player Character rental packages can include Music, Scripts, and Addons, such as the entire ‘Show Build: Cues, 3D Assets, Server’ as a “show-in-a-box” with all virtual Environments, Avatars, Props and Stage Cues. This would allow anyone, anywhere to peform the full show without any Techincal Development or Design. (Virtual Reality Hardware is not included in any packages, however we can offer some guidance on rental/purchasing decisions.)

How to Hire the Team

The team behind Non-Player Character may be contacted and commissioned either as a team or individually to build or consult on experiences similar to Non-Player Character.